I, Dr. NakaMats, was told by cancer specialists in December 2013 that I have a malignant tumor called “duct carcinoma” and was given 2 year to live. Thus, my remaining days are by the end of the year 2015.


I, Dr. NakaMats, was told by cancer specialists in December 2013 that I have a malignant tumor called “duct carcinoma” and was given 2 year to live. Thus, my remaining days are by the end of the year 2015.

• The Reason of The Announcement
The reason why I decided to announce about my illness is due to the death of an author, J.W. by prostate cancer, which is similar to my case. At his last birthday party, he said “I cannot go incognito in a wheel chair.” I felt I should announce my future projects to help for people in the world while I am energetic.

• Unexpected Two Years of Remaining Days
Came back from the trip to the states in December 2013, I went to a hospital to check a thing in my body, and just in case the doctor recommended to use Gleason score, a system of grading prostate cancer. Then, the result was 4+4=8, which means terminal cancer.

However, I worked hard and ran for Tokyo Mayer Election Campaign in January thru February, 2014, without publicizing the cancer. This was due to defend Mr. Fujimura’s will dutifully, a junior commander in Navy from WWII, who negotiated to cease the war in Switzerland. On the end of the election campaign day, there was huge snow which stopped the other candidates to promote outside, but I, retaining cancer, fulfilled my campaign in the blizzard until 8PM at Shibuya Station near Hachikou, the stature of a dog.

As soon as the election campaign was over, I met a doctor S at a hospital T, who is well-known specialist in prostate research. He carefully checked under the microscope the biopsy prepared specimen taken at the previous hospital. He further used his own fingers into my body and confirmed a lump. Then, he diagnosed me desperate “duct carcinoma.” “Duct carcinoma” is extremely rare disease only found one hundredth of prostate cancer patients. And, the right remedy has not been developed yet, thus I received his explanation as "incurable disease."

A doctor Y in charge of Radiation under doctor S said “Only two years of life expectancy, extended to five years by help of radiation therapy.” Doctor S said “There are few records of duct carcinoma treatment by radiation therapy.” In short, there is no hope for the treatment.

2005, I was awarded the Ig Nobel Prize at Harvard University, in the research paper, I wrote human life span could be enhanced up to 144 years old, and as the author, I have been careful about my health. Especially, I had a keen interest in prostate cancer, which is expected to be ranked at the 2nd highest cancer under lung cancer by year 2020. This diagnosis was a bolt out of blue, since I had been alert to prostate cancer which many elders tend to have and my PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) test was very fine. It tends to be past cure to find “duct carcinoma” since it tends to be made with low level of PSA and easily missed.

Doctor S said, “Radiation therapy does not cure. Thus, total extirpation is needed. Wish to use a da Vinch Surgical System, the most advantage technology of operation machine, but in the operation the patient needs to tilt the head 30 degrees for 4 hours and this would cause, at the age of 86, the secondary disaster including glaucoma. Thus, can’t use da Vinch and proceed total extirpation in the old fashion way. Even after the operation is succeeded, the cancer may spread to other spots.”

Just to be sure, I also asked Professor N, an Associate Professor of Oncology studied the cancer 30 years at the University of Tokyo, who carefully checked under the microscope the biopsy prepared specimen, but his diagnosis was the same.

• Act Against Cancer
In front of the barrier of the most difficult in my life, I made up mind to challenge by summoning up my utmost powers.

So, I investigated all the hospitals of all cancer diagnostics to visit the facilities even far. I had the most advanced proton therapy treatment at “National Cancer Center”, where is known as a writer RN successfully cured, but they did not have a track record of curing “duct carcinoma” by their proton therapy.

I visited the University of Tsukuba, having proton therapy facility, but there hardly has the cases of curing "duct carcinoma” treated by their proton therapy. Thus, they could not confirm to be able to cure.

National Institute of Radiological Sciences has the treatment of heavy iron radiotherapy which is considered stronger than proton therapy. This facility has recently become well known where a Japanese baseball player K from Giants spends 3 million yen to have their treatment. I went to the facility, and they have the record of only 2 out of 1,000 patients who treated duct carcinoma, and none of them succeeded to survive.
Further, I met the chief of Southern TOHOKU Research Institute and visit many other cancer hospitals including where ministers were cured. Unfortunately, I could not find the right solution for my disease.

・Resignation And Future Plans
Therefore, under this condition which I found out there is no way to cure duct carcinoma, I decided to make my future plans within my remaining days of less than 2 years, which is the end of year 2015 .

Here are my 5 big goals:

1. Cancer Crusade and Invention of New Cancer Treatment

2. Invention of Solving The Problems of Radioactivity in Fukushima Nuclear Power Plants (Including Invention of New Energy)

3. Invention of Solving The Problems of The Present Big Data Era “Big Storage and Retrievals”

4. Invention of Next Generation’s Transportation

5. Teach Methods and How To Popularize Inventions To Next Generations

The details are following:

1. Cancer Crusade and Invention of New Cancer Treatment

I did not confess my illness, but coincidently I got an offer to become the honorary chairman of the Kids Beating Cancer’s Development Advisory Board. I accepted the offer and traveled to U.S.. On May 14, 2014 they arranged Dr. NakaMats Reception Party grandly held at Cyrus Club in Orland, Florida.




Walt Disney Pavilion at Florida Hospital for Children, having a partnership with Kids Beating Cancer, invited me, and the CEO of Walt Disney, busy with the hit movie “Frozen,” came to me by canceling the other meetings. He inaugurated me as the honorary doctor and gave me their uniform. So,

1-1 As the honorary chairman of the Kids Beating Cancer, I will visit in the United States on September 27 to have a charity party by gathering 2,000 people at Waldorf Astoria, a five star hotel in Orlando. The donation will be given to cancer patients who cannot afford for medical expense.
1-2 As an honorary doctor in Walt Disney Pavilion at Florida Hospital for Children, I will make innovative revolution and promote the hospital all over the world.

1-3 Taking advantage of my 35 years of research of Nutrition awarded from Harvard University in 2005, Ig Nobel Prize, I will invent food and drinks for treatment of cancer.

1-4 I, the inventor of human performance improvement robot "Dr. NakaMats Celebrex," will invent "Therapeutic Robot To Expel Drive Off Duct Carcinoma.”

1-5 Including said 1-3 and 1-4, I will invent a new treatment for “duct carcinoma” not only for myself but also the other patients in this world who are just waiting for death.

2. Invention of Solving The Problems of Radioactivity in Fukushima Nuclear Power Plants (Including Invention of New Energy)
2-1 At this moment, expensive ALPS (Advanced Liquid Processing System), introduced from France, well-known Japanese companies also participated, does not function and further, the tanks filled with radiation contaminated water occupies the land. In order to solve this big problem, I will develop an invention to purify contaminated water cooperated with American scientists in the states.
2-2 Currently, Japan is spending a huge budget to radioactive decontamination, yet the decontamination is insufficient. Temporary storage areas and final disposal site for the contaminated soil have not been determined, yet. I would rather perishing than excluding the contamination. That is to say, I will develop an invention to destroy radioactivity cooperated with American scientists in the states.

The reason of developing said inventions in the states is "Los Alamos National Labs," radioactivity research located in the states. Also, Fukushima nuclear power plants use the systems made by GE and America holds a large amount of data of “Chernobyl nuclear disaster.”

2-3 Decommissioning nuclear reactors in Fukushima takes a few decades from now. The workers in the plant with protective clothing can only suffer for 2-3 hours. Therefore, I will make the "invention of new protective clothing".

2-4 For those said purposes, I will popularized N tapes for contamination control.

2-5 I will make "invention of new power generation method," a completely new energy developed with American scientists in the states.

3. Invention of Solving The Problems of The Present Big Data Era “Big Storage and Retrievals”

I invented the floppy disk in 1947. IBM, which received license from me to produce floppy disks, sold as the product name, diskette, all over the world. But now, the amount of the data people hold is increased due to the spread of smartphones and internet. Also, aerospace data will expand to 5 times larger in 6 years, and the amount of data rapidly becomes enormous. Thus, we entered the era the so-called big data era.

Hard disk drives, I invented in 1950 and licensed to IBM, has been used as data storage. The new technologies to preserve big data for long term, to store large amount of data, and to search quickly are anticipated.

So, I am currently developing new inventions of hard disk drives with American scientists in the U.S., which can contain 10 times larger amount of data and can be retrieval at a speed of 10 times faster but with the same size of the existed drives.

The reason why I work on this invention in the states is that
American government is about to grant the subsidy of $150,000 I submitted. Of course, I will have meetings with Japanese manufacturers, plants, and investors.

4.Invention of Next Generation’s Transportation

4-1 "Automatic Center of Gravity Stabilizer" which I invented at the age of 5, has been used currently in the industry (the other day the accident by JAL was caused by the trouble of this engine). Osprey, which I invented in 1950 and proposed to the president of Bell Aircraft Corporation, Mr. Lawrence Bell, has recently become practical. I will further invent “Super Osprey” to help for national defense for Japan.

4-2: Automotive:
I will complete invention of "NaCar," which does not produce CO2 unlikely the current gas vehicles nor Hybrid cars . In addition, I will practicalize my invention of individual transportation, “Ninjar.”
I have international dominant patents of fuel cells used in upcoming fuel-cell cars in the market and have licensed to major foreign companies. I will embody my invention of new car “Enerex Car” which is more advanced technology than fuel cell cars.

4-3 Bicycle is largely used as a major transportation in Paris, London, and Berlin. In New York City Bank’s bike rental service are becoming more common. But, the main technology of bicycle itself has not been made progress since the 17th century. I will embody “the invention of the 21st century bicycles.” I will fly to New York to negotiate the city about use of “Dr. NakaMats-cycle.”

5.Teach Methods and How To Popularize Inventions To Next Generations

5-1  I have given lectures of “Creative Science Theory,” based upon my 80 years of experiences, at University of Tokyo, Columbia University, and other schools. Now, I am offering, from July till December 2014, a series of the lectures as the president of Dr. NakaMats Future Creative University and give instructions in methods of invention.

5-2 A group “Party For Long-Awaited The Prime Minister Dr. Nakamats,” whose goal is to incorporate more than a half of the citizens over 18 years old in Japan to be the member, is naturally occurred, and I will coach them how this country will face to high qualities in future.

5-3 A documentary film, made by a Danish National film company, "Invention of Dr. NakaMats” won awards in film festivals in the world. By requests, the part II is in process of shooting now. It will be finished sometimes this year and come out all over the world.
5-4 One of the three major U.S. TV stations, NBC, Columbia Pictures, and MGM are gathering to make “Documentary film of Dr. NakaMats” in process. Also, there has been a plan to make “Dr. NakaMats Story” by the producer of the TV series “Columbo,” so I am supposed to visit in U.S. in this September for the shootings.  

5-5 I will visit in the United States in September, 2014 to have a meeting with a publisher for publishing my book in the states.

5-6 When I traveled to the U.S. in May, 2014, "Dr. NakaMats Day" was established in Colorado state. There is a plan to build Dr. NakaMats Museum, and American scientists already started to work. I will teach the method of invention to the people who come to this museum.

5-7 I will speed up to release my new book “Reveals The Secrets Of Dr. NakaMats Inventions "

5-8 Taking advantage of having high education, long experience of living, and international fame, I will continue to propose high level advises and opinions to national government and country.
June 26, 2014
Sir Dr. Yoshiro NakaMats
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